Company Introduction

Led by the two brothers, Harry and Ton Mathijssen, Eureka had been building high-quality billiards for more than 115 years. In addition, the company is strong in the field of maintenance and overhauls all brands of billiards. 
The factory is located in Berlicum, where billiards are produced according to traditional methods. Despite this, Eureka does not lag behind in time. Where necessary, machines are used as long as their use improves the quality of the billiards.
Next to the factory is our showroom, where different models are exhibited. In this way we give customers the opportunity to judge the billiards on price, quality and performance.
By having years of experience in the profession, we give good advice tailored to your needs. We do everything to provide an excellent service, because the wishes of the customer are paramount!
Partly for this reason Eureka also has customers in Belgium, Germany, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Suriname, Australia, Thailand and South Korea.
Eureka had a good reputation and has become a household name in the billiard world. To convince you we invite you to visit our showroom, so you can watch and play by yourself. We also have new cues and other accessories.
Of course, there is a fresh cup of coffee ready for you!