Eureka was founded as a family business in 1897. In the meantime we are four generations further and the traditional work is still being done by the same family. 

It started when Harry van Gemert decided to establish a billiard factory in Berlicum. Typical of the factory was the 6-legged model, wich was made in different versions. People called the tables: the real “Eureka Billiard”. These, but also other models were supplied to cafe bussiness, billiard rooms, boarding schools and patronage buildings: delivered by horse and cart. Later they purchased a new T-Ford, wich unfortunatley was confiscated in the war around 1942. The war has been disastrous for the factory. Materials such as slates and rubber were not availible. Thats why Harry only do maintenance work at that time. To get enough money to live, he also tarted with carpentry. 

Berlicum was rebuilded and fortunately the billiard factory could be continued by Leo and Jan van Gemert. The delivery of billiards is now outsourced to a transport company, because both did not have a driving license. The billiard was improved during this time by installing an electric heater and a thermostat. Many models were developed and produced. Some of these billiards are currently still in the living rooms of our customers. 

Later, Eureka was taken over by son-in-law Theo Mathijssen. His sons, Ton en Harry Mathijssen, are still leading the company. 

The models and the way of making them, has undergone many developings in the past centuries and this will not change in the future.